We invite you to explore the many mysteries and beauties Sudan is offering for you!

Sudan still gives you the chance to explore the roots of mankind in unique individual discovery tours, far away from the touristic mainstream.

The country is famous for its beautiful, good hearted and kind people, who will always be proud to show you the treasures of their country.

Be invited to experience the magic of a silent desert night under the vast starry sky, surrounded by the monuments of vanished empires. Be comforted by the shelter of a romantic camp fire or relish the luxuries of a full service Nubien Guesthouse.

We are experienced in organizing individual travel packages for all pockets and wishes, and any number of guests, ranging from guided City Tours and Nile Cruises in Khartoum to Daytrips to the historical sites outside the city, Desert Campings or longer Roundtrips (from 2days up to 2 weeks) throughout the Sudan.

We work with local partners to arrange your trips in the most flexible and cost efficient way, benefitting the local economy. We are also cooperating with travel agencies in Germany, like “Oase Reisen” to make sure you get the best service you desire.

We can arrange Visa for you, and solve burocratic issues like the official Registration with Immigration, Travel Permits and Money Exchange.

Our cooperation with “NOVA Airways” facilitates you cost efficient flight tickets to Port Sudan at the Red Sea or to South Sudan. For any other international or Sudanese destination, not covered by NOVA, we can easily book you on the best flight connection possible.

Tell us about the experience you would like to live and we will make it real for you!

Only one example for the many different ways to explore Sudan travelling: 7 Days Roundtrip Camping Tour

1st day: You arrive in Khartoum during the night. We support you with the visa arrangements at the airport and transfer you to the hotel.
You have this day to explore the many sights of Khartoum at your own pace and following your interests, meanwhile we take care of your travel papers. We can support you by arranging for English speaking drivers and/or guides.
Only some recommendations for your visit: National Museum, Omdurman market, Khalifa house, Mahdi tomb, River Nile Cruise….

2nd day: The tour starts visiting first the Lion Temple and the Roman Kiosk in Naqa and the Great Temple excavations in Musawwarat es-Sufra. On the way further you visit the small but thriving local market of Shendy before you finish the day camping next to the pyramids of Meroe.

3rd day: You use the morning to explore the about 40 pyramids reaching out of the desert sand and maybe enjoy a camel ride before traveling further on, crossing the Nile and the Bayuda Desert towards Deir Ghazaly (camping).

4th day: You visit the Ghazali Monastery in Wadi Abu Dom in the morning before you head of to Karima, where the Pyramids of Nuri and the subterranean tombs of Kurru wait for you to be explored. You stay the night at a charming typical Sudanese house at the foot of Barkal Mountain.

5th day: In the early morning you have the chance to climb the Barkal mountain to enjoy the amazing sight of the morning sun, flooding the near town and the desert with light. You will see the pyramids and temples at the food of the mountain from above, before you descend to personally explore them. In the afternoon you travel on to see the temple of Kawa, before you finally camp near Kerma.

6th day: You visit the Diffufa and excavations of Kerma with their connected Museum in a typically rebuild Nubien house. In the afternoon you travel towards the 3rd cataract of the Nile, viewing the famous petroglyphs in the rocks on the way, before you turn back towards Old Dongola, where you camp again.

7th day: You take time to visit the old Christian palace, ruins of churches and monasteries and the abandoned Arabic village of Old Dongola, before you finish your trip returning back to Khartoum

8th day: Your flight back home most probably leaves in the very early morning.


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